Dear Kelly, Saying thank you is just not enough… 12 hours, Wow you guys really did a good job. We just talked to Detective Chris, he had just listened to your voice mail and it sounds like you did pick up a scent. I don’t know what to say, except thanks to all of you and the dogs. WE LOVE WHAT YOU DO.. it is a very good thing. We will always be thankful for you guys. Dori
Kelly; Thank you for all your help with our missing person in the City of Perry, Kansas. Our victim Mr. Shawn Fowler was found about an eight of a mile from his home. He was found floating in the Delaware River within 100 feet of one of the GPS readings your team provided. He was found at approximately  1345 hours on March 19,2009. The river had been searched a couple of times by boat and scanner with no results the day prior to the body coming to the surface.  Part of the information we concentrated on was the area around a submerged tree as predicted by one of your Team members.  I have shared your Team efforts with Deputies, Firemen and Medical persons who assisted in the three month long search.  Again THNK YOU … THANKS TO THE TEAM !!!! The Family now has closure! Respectfully: Ramon C. Gonzalez, Jr. Police Chief
“I can’t begin to tell you and the whole group what your service has meant to all of us that love Ed or begin to know what it would have been like to not have your group involved. I truly believe that without your group the time frame in which he might have been found – if ever. After speaking with  Kristi (AZ- Search & Rescue) and Kelly (FIND ME) I went from frustration and feeling hopeless to having comfort that a group having the capability and resources cared and would do everything you could to find him. And you did. What heroes you all are.” Rhonda Younger
Dear Kelly, My family wished to express our appreciation for the support and commitment you and the “Find Me Group” gave us during the search for our daughter. Meeting with you and your group, feeling the concern and caring expressed, helped us through a difficult time in our lives. The ending of the search was not what we had hoped for, but we were able to bring Marcy home and we are grateful to have her with us once again. Sincerely, Lynda Randolph